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The Best Wheel Alignment in Maple Grove


How do you know if you need a wheel alignment?

wheel alignment should be done as a routine maintenance, when you buy new tires, or when you notice a steering problem. To ensure vehicle safety and prevent expensive repairs we highly recommended that routine alignments, tire rotations, and wheel balancing be performed. The two biggest clues that a wheel alignment is needed are when the steering wheel is not centered or your vehicle pulls to one side. Another sign of this problem is abnormal tire wear. Uneven tire wear like feathering or cupping are signs your vehicle needs a servicing. A wheel alignment is also highly recommend when new tires are installed. This will help protect your investment in your new tires and make sure they do not wear out quicker than they should.

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension play an important role in the safety of your vehicle. The steering and suspension system, together with tires, determine how your car will ride and handle. You should have both your tires and alignment inspected at least once a year. At M&M Automotive we recommend that a car’s wheel alignment be checked every 6,000 miles / 6 months. This routine service will also decreases wear of expensive suspension parts.

Maximize fuel economy with yearly wheel alignments. If you have ever had shopping cart with a miss-aligned wheel you know how difficult it can be to push. Your vehicle is the same and will burn more fuel to push against wheel alignment problems. A vehicle with correctly aligned wheels will have the least rolling resistance and burn less fuel. A safe vehicle is one that drives straight, does not wander, and goes where you want it to! With today’s busy roads it is important that your vehicle does not drift into the path of other vehicles and is controllable in emergency situations.
The Best Wheel Alignment in Maple Grove


Normal Wear and Tear

Steering and suspension components normally wear out over time and gradually affect the wheel alignment of your vehicle. Each part has a wear limit which is inspected at each wheel alignment inspection. How long suspension and steering components last depends on the type of vehicle, how and wear it is used, and if regular maintenance is performed. Regular wheel alignment inspection and maintenance are critical to maintain vehicle safety and decrease long term repair costs.

Factors that affect suspension wear include:

  • Vehicle type
  • Driving habits
  • Road conditions
  • Operating conditions
  • Type of steering and suspension system
  • Frequency of regular maintenance such as chassis lubrication and wheel alignment

Steering and Suspension Wear Symptoms

  • Pulling
  • Uneven tire wear
  • “Loose” steering feeling
  • Noise and vibration while cornering
  • Wandering or poor directional stability

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